Mia Taeng

Mia Taeng

Jul. 18, 2011
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Kongkai lives his life as a playboy, so his mother wants him to get married with a girl who can make him better. So, she forces him to marry with Arunprapai, a good girl she finds for him. Arunprapai accepts to marry with a guy who she doesn’t love to avoid the rumor that she commits adultery with Phuchong, her ex-boyfriend who is going to have a baby with another girl by accident. However, Kongkai and Arunprapai’s marriage life is not smooth because Kongkai also has girlfriend named Prungchat and she wants to get him back.

Mia Taeng
Título original เมียแต่ง
Fecha de lanzamiento Jul. 18, 2011
Última transmisión Aug. 30, 2011
Temporadas 1
Episodios 14

Temporadas y episodios

1 Temporada 1 Jul. 18, 2011

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